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You'd like marketing ideas for your business brochures and other marketing communications that get your phone to ring more often these days.

Yet you may be wondering...

"Which marketing ideas will lead to the best opportunities?"

"How can I gain more control over my marketing?"

You've come to the right place for marketing ideas and for answers...

"I want you to know that I was impressed with the information you provide on your website. I researched a lot of websites for marketing tips, etc., and yours was the most straightforward and on target in my opinion."

Tom Ritchie, CPA
Ritchie Sawyer Corporation
Wilmington, DE

You realize you must be a good marketer before you can be successful as an independent professional. It can be difficult to know just where to begin.

Marketing doesn't have to be hit-or-miss. Yet how can you zero in on those tested marketing ideas that produce 80 percent of the results with 20 percent of the effort?

Two Ways To Put Smart Marketing
Ideas To Work For You Now...

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One marketing idea you'll find here enabled a service professional to double her business...once she found the right words.

"Thanks for continuing to send such valuable information within your newsletters. I always look forward to reading your latest thinking, especially in the otherwise waste land of email newsletters. You add such originality and creative options to articles."

Walter W. Murrell, Ph.D., (Psychologist,
Consultant & Coach), West Los Angeles, CA

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Take advantage of a smart referrals strategy...

Capitalize on the benefits of brochures, if you do them properly...

Find more marketing ideas in a library of articles starting with "How To Pick The Clients You Want To Work With And Make More Money." You'll find this article and more results-producing marketing tools like this one here...

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