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Do Your Business Brochures Command
The Right Kind Of Attention?

How can you create a business brochure with maximum marketing power? Or write a brochure that leaves your prospects eager to find out more?

For starters, it's not bor-r-r-r-i-n-n-n-g-g-g.

It IS boring when it's an ego trip -- when it blabs on and on about you and only you.

When you feature your logo, company name, and a dull list of your products or services on your cover.

When you aren't clear about your prospect audience and their nagging concerns.

And your business brochure is captivating when you:

  • Write a brochure that focuses first and foremost on your prospects and
  • Clues them in about the results you provide -- how you make life easier for them and solve their problems and resolve their frustrations.

So exactly what does go into your business brochure?

1. When you write a brochure, draw on everything you know about your prospects

What are their roaring, burning, churning problems that just won't let go?

Place them prominently in your brochure.

What are the frustrations that are with them day after day?

Present them in your brochure.

What are the worrisome trends that threaten the way they've always done business?

Yes, feature them in your brochure.

What fears and desires do they have?

Don't leave them out, either.

2. Add That Essential Ingredient to Your Business Brochure Cover That Almost Nobody Has

What's that?

A stop-them-in-their-tracks headline.

How about addressing your prospects' most troublesome problem or problems right up front? Yes, in your headline.

- That way they grasp at once the results they can get from you and

- They gain extra incentive to actually open your brochure and read it.

3. Place inside your business brochure as many ways as you can to address your prospects' problems, concerns, and frustrations

You could, for instance, write a brochure panel that lists "5 Critical Questions Every IT Manager (Marketing VP, CFO, or whomever you are addressing) Should Answer." You are demonstrating your understanding of their situation.

4. Weigh In With Proof When You Write A Brochure

Feature a case study or two relevant to your prospect's situation and show the outcomes for your clients.

Include testimonials from others that address your prospect's concerns.

Managers may be leery, for example, about bringing in
outsiders to outsource their services. How about a testimonial like the one we used for a client's business brochure that says:

"...the number one consideration was that the firm be willing and able to become an integral part of the Ace Company team, and that it and whatever personnel it would assign to us, must be compatible with me and my management style. ...I believe that CDCA gets good marks in all areas."

5. Display Your Unique Selling Proposition In Your Business Brochure

That's your passionate statement revealing what you are all about -- which, of course, is improving life for your prospects.

To jump-start your thinking here's an example:

"You know how much it hurts you in lost time and money when a project drags on and on past the deadline. In 17 years in business I have met the deadline every time, and I guarantee I'll do whatever it takes to complete the project on time."

It's not wishy-washy, vague, and boring.

Actually, it passes our SUM test -- Specific, Unique, And Memorable. It helps to differentiate you and your products and services from a pack of look-alikes.

6. Gain A Whole New Approach When You Sit Down To Write A Brochure

Tap into a new system to create a business brochure that rockets you to your desired outcome for your practice.

Please contact Bob about writing a business brochure that pays off. . . .

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8011 Navajo Street, Philadelphia, PA 19118
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