"We Got Just The Right Client Immediately"

"Hanson's assistance and guidance with sales and marketing has been very beneficial to Strategic Business Technologies, Inc., by assisting us with developing a methodology and strategy and then coaching us through the client-acquisition process.

"We got just the right client immediately with this focused approach, and it took very little of our time."

Glenn Shesney
Horsham, PA


Discover A Client-Attraction System
For Consultants and
Other Independent Professionals

Turning Up Your Marketing Volume
Can Be As Easy As 1-2-3...

Are you anxiously trying to jump-start a new business?

Your livelihood, and perhaps your family's, depends on getting clients right out of the starting gate.

Or are you wondering where your next good client is coming from?

Being an independent professional can mean being in a "feast or famine" business. When your business suddenly dries up and there's nothing in the pipeline, you can lose everything you worked so hard to achieve.

Or do you you want to take your business to an ambitious new level?

But you are too time-pressed to squander even a minute on marketing that doesn't get results.

It's downright frustrating...

Yet There Is A Better Way!

You've got your client-attraction system to bring you all the qualified leads you need.

And how do you do this?

It only requires that you follow a unique approach and a different way of thinking to reach your potential clients.

Simply, it all boils down to effective marketing and
how you position yourself in the marketplace.

A few consultants discovered an easier way to make good money and create their ideal consulting practice.

"The Hanson Marketing Group showed me how to position myself to make money giving seminars teaching people how to profit by hiring me as a speaker. Last month alone, this philosophy grossed $9,000 and it will mean tens of thousands in long-term revenues."

Peter Meyer, The Meyer Group
Scotts Valley, CA

And Their Secret Is . . .

Having a true system engineered to:

1. Prompt desired clients to seek them out,

2. Give them control over these clients, and

3. Avoid and pre-empt fee resistance, negotiation, or contracts lost to cheaper-fee competitors.

Now you can have the exact same system working for you -- delivering those same three benefits to you.

Read on to discover what others are saying about these unique yet proven strategies . . .

"My Business Has Taken A Quantum Leap in only 8 months of working with Bob Hanson and Hanson Marketing. What they have shown me will easily save me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years.

"And I learned how to take control of my business life so that I can teach when I want and how often I want and at a 30 percent higher price."

Baron Baptiste
Peak Performance Coach
Bel Air, Los Angeles, CA

Beat 85 Competitors

"I had 85 competitors for a long-term database management contract. The Hanson Marketing direct mail strategy and letter won me the deal in two weeks."

Jill Harrington
Philadelphia, PA

Attracting A Flow Of Prospects With Marketing

"For a consultant starting a practice marketing my services was truly a mystery. Your information helped me to focus my efforts.

"Then when I was underway and involved in client engagements, marketing was always a distraction. Your system helped me place marketing as an integral part of my consulting practice.

"Never again did I want to finish a project and then realize there was nothing in the pipeline because I had neglected marketing my services."

Joesph Malecki
Manalapan, NJ

You Can Tap Into Your Own Marketing Experts With The Easy As 1-2-3 Client-Attraction System

 You'll discover how to:

Differentiate yourself from everyone and his brother and sister who are calling themselves consultants and flooding the market,

Energize your marketing with a checklist of 53 marketing opportunities and get a system to choose the perfect ones for your growth,

Demolish the roadblocks you put in front of yourself and have more fun,

Avoid the 7 common and expensive marketing errors most consultants and other independent professionals are making,

Cut back on the time and stress of marketing by shifting into a "marketing autopilot" mode, and

Gain more clients with the exact networking techniques top professionals use. Believe us, they've weeded out every one of the time wasters.

    Never again will you be caught off guard when you unexpectedly lose a BIG client. Through the system you will be able to:

  • Find out right away if your marketing program is going to work before you put serious money into it,
  • Zero in fast on 9 ways to prompt others to give you referrals,
  • Step out of the shadows and position yourself dramatically and memorably with just a few well chosen words
  • Capitalize on the one characteristic that is common to all your best prospects, and
  • Turn your overlooked and underutilized assets into gold.

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Discover Your Financial Destiny


Transform your practice

"The Easy As 1-2-3 Client Attraction System For Consultants And Other Professionals" -- 68 (8-1/2 by 11) pages loaded with specific steps, checklists, and street-smart, results-getting strategies -- put you in control.

And basic and fundamental to the system is a reliable road map in your own 10 Step Marketing Plan. That's how you can avoid the frustrations of marketing that wastes your time and money.

Chasing after one enticing marketing technique after another or doing nothing is a formula for disappointment. Instead, line up your goals, strategies, and marketing ideas and implement a consistent action plan. You get the specific direction you need to open up to greater success.

The marketing plan gives you the focus

In exhaustive interviews with cream-of-the-crop consultants we probed until they spilled their marketing secrets. Then, we prodded some more until they divulged every nitty-gritty detail behind the hard-won techniques they built very rewarding practices on.

Many of these marketing tools you won't find anywhere else.

Next we added tips, strategies, and ideas from our insatiable search for marketing answers. Our quest took us everywhere. We even looked into the Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois.

How did the congregation go from zero to 20,000 church-goers a week? Every independent professional's practice can grow exponentially with the one tool the pastor built his church on.

Of course, if you are lukewarm about taking action to get more clients and revenues, this system isn't for you. If you are serious about benefitting from these sometimes startlingly simple tools -- the same ones top-performing professionals draw on for exceptional clients and more fun -- then this system is a must.


Gain More Step-by-Step Expert
Guidance From The Pros

Take advantage of these powerhouse tools...

Power Report #1: "25 Powerful Questions To Help You Write Sales Material Like A Marketing Wizard" -

This concise checklist takes you right to the heart of producing a great marketing message. It's as simple as it gets.

By using the ‘Hanson System' I got new clients every time I ran an ad. I built my business just from those ads."

Stewart Graham,
Consultant, Philadelphia, PA

Power Report #2: "How To Get Mighty Results From Tiny Post Cards" -

Post cards, in a current survey, showed up as a favored choice of executives to receive information. By knowing how to do it right, post cards can also become your favorite high-impact, low-cost marketing choice.

Power Report #3: "Power Networking With Strategic Alliances"-

Rely on this marketing tool for more qualified leads with less hassle. One consultant added $331,000 in revenues with this technique.

Power Report #4: "A Little Known Secret To Consulting Success and Happiness" -

Sometimes the simplest ideas have the most profound consequences. In this report, you'll discover a fundamental of consulting that dramatically reduces disheartening outcomes. And, better yet, it creates highly satisfied clients.


Gain An Expert At Your Side

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing what you want, having a plan to get there, and then botching the execution of the plan.

The good news is that this waste of your resources is avoidable.


Let us explain...

For years, we provided many of these strategies only to "big dogs," like Cabletron Systems, Cisco Systems, Mentor Graphics, and others, and we charged giant "big dog" fees -- far out of reach of most independent consultants or professional firms.

Then, we asked ourselves:

"How can we give you the same strategies and same on-demand service these big clients received and make it affordable?"

Well, we wanted to perfect a way to do just that. And we did it by putting ourselves at your beck and call...at the most critical time for you.

It works like this:

With the "Easy As 1-2-3 Client-Attraction Action Guide" you get a pre-coaching questionnaire. When you're ready to talk to us, you complete the questionnaire and request your full hour one-on-one "Peak Performance Coaching Call."

We study your questionnaire beforehand so that we can immediately zoom in on your most serious questions, help you iron out the wrinkles in an action you are contemplating, or add a results-boosting twist to your sales letter or post card.

Using us as your sounding board and coach eliminates the guesswork. You are not alone anymore.

It Doesn't Stop There...There's More!

You'll also get two additional hot-off-the-press Power Reports:

Bonus Report #1: "E-Mail Marketing Especially For Consultants And Other Professionals" -

A recent survey showed that some 50-60 percent of business-to-business lead generation now comes from e-mail marketing. Avoid actions that can explode in your face. Gain a road map to the e-mail Winners Circle.

Bonus Report #2: "How Your Web Site Can Become A Direct Line To More Clients" --

The independent professionals who use this system may end up with clients who could be yours.

"Shirley Hanson worked on the appropriate keywords and search engines and also added a strong marketing message on each of my pages.

"Simply, the result was good qualified leads. We have two firms working with us already and a third, a pharmaceutical company, is actively preparing to work with us."

Linda Duguay
Leewood Associates
Honey Brook, PA

Putting The Risk Squarely On Our Shoulders

If you are not satisfied, return the "Easy As 1-2-3 Action Guide" any time within the first six months for a full refund. You'll get your money back, no questions asked. No quibbling. No fine print.

And you get to keep all the Power Reports and the two special Bonus Reports just for trying out the "Easy As 1-2-3 Client-Attraction System for Consultants And Other Independent Professionals."

We've shown you that the "Easy As 1-2-3 Client-Attraction System" is as risk-free as an offer can come.

All risk is lifted from your shoulders and placed squarely on ours.

If you are going to take your practice beyond where it is today, you must change something. You can wing it. And, if you do, you may get lucky. But, more likely, you'll flounder and waste your irreplaceable time and scarce money resources.

With a reliable marketing plan and a focused "system" you'll get more qualified leads to convert into paying clients.

All that is left is for you to take action.

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