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Consultants Technology
Marketing In Tough Times

Avoid These Five Common Traps

New challenges confront technology marketing for consultants. You may be finding that strategies that once attracted clients are now getting mediocre results. Or worse.

Are You Caught In One
Or More Of These
Five Common Traps?

Simply, being aware of them and avoiding them can give you more control over your marketing. You can turn a technology marketing disaster into a cash-flow success.

Consultants Technology Marketing Trap #1...

Assuming because you and your team fall head over heels in love with an idea for a new product or service, your prospects will, too

You spend months of your time and thousands and thousands of dollars developing a cutting-edge product or service, as a client did, only to be stymied by the marketplace.

Too late -- after spending even more on your marketing ideas -- you learn that nobody wants what you produced.

This sounds obvious, but it happens all too often when technically skilled people forget to leaven the development process with serious input from their prospects.

Consultants Technology Marketing Trap #2...

Obscuring your message in a fog

Technical talk is familiar and comfortable for you. To your CEO or CFO decision makers, though, your technical terms may be just jargon.

When in doubt, translate the benefits you provide into simple, clear terms. Don't let anything come between you and the message you want your prospects to remember and respond to.

Consultants Technology Marketing Trap #3...

Relying on one and only one marketing tool

We've watched technology consultants panic when their personal fountain of referrals dried up.

The answer is to have one or two other marketing tools in place at all times. They'll take up the slack when the one tool you rely on suddenly stops bringing in prospects.

Consultants Technology Marketing Trap #4...

Leaving money on the table by not capitalizing on the full potential of a marketing strategy

How does this happen?

Recently, a prospect came to us for help improving his marketing strategies for trade shows.

His current efforts encompassed purchasing a costly state-of-the-art display and showing up at five key shows. That's it!

But he missed out on a comprehensive trade show strategy to multiply his results.

  • What about pre-show marketing techniques (such as e-mail marketing to key people) to attract more prospects to his booth?
  • How about a scripted sales approach at the show to move people to action?
  • Where was a planned, persistent, on-the-money follow-up after the show?

The result: a colossal waste of high-tech marketing dollars.

Consultants Technology Marketing Trap #5...

Drastically cutting back your marketing in tough times

Nobody knows which hand the economy will deal you in the future. It may improve, stabilize, or worsen.

Consider this: If you curtail your marketing investments, you'll drop from your prospects' minds. Suppose your competitors continue to get their messages out.

Who is most likely to get the business that's out there?

Where Can You Go For Strategies And Ideas For Technology Consultants Marketing? How Can You Get Help To Achieve What You Want For Your Business?

Get Revenue-Generating Answers From The Only People That Matter -- Your Prospects and Customers

Stop the futile guesswork.

What are your prospects and customers thinking?

What do they need and want?

How do they want it?

Hear their answers in their own words before creating a new product or adding a new service. Let your prospects tell you the most effective way to market to them.

Learn about any fatal flaws in your products or your marketing strategies before you waste big bucks on something that's going nowhere.

Before risking any more time, effort, and money, uncover this indispensable inside information from your prospects and customers ...

Gain An Unstoppable Marketing Tool By Taking Advantage Of Proven Marketing Ideas For The Web

The Web can offer a wonderful new marketing world or it can be a marketing sinkhole. Web designers can give you a cool site.

But is it bringing the right people to your site and generating your desired responses?

Rarely, do web developers and designers have the marketing answers you are looking for.

You have another option to turn to.

Suppose you call in your personal site-turn-around expert and get answers for a quick, affordable site make-over. Imagine your site going from a money drain into a cash flow dream.

Discover how to rev up your revenues from the Web...

Generate A Brochure That Gets The Sale

Which would you rather have?

A glossy brochure that's just like everyone else's? Or a brochure that becomes your star salesperson?

"We had been looking for some time for good marketing people who understand our field of information technology.

"The Hansons were able to put Petra's story into non-technical language that is oriented to our clients and customers. This was a radical departure from our previous marketing messages.

"We want prospects to trust us and to know that we will do a good job for them. The Hansons showed us how to do that."

Gregory H. Smith
President & CEO
Petra Technology Group
Corning, NY

The next move is up to you.

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