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Free Marketing Audit

Are You Optimizing The Marketing
Dollars You Invest?

By Spending 40 Minutes You Can Find
Out Where You Are Falling Short
and What You Can Do About It
To Boost Results

If you are like most technology business owners and consultants, you are not getting full value from the marketing dollars you spend. If you suspect this may describe you, here's a way out:

Evaluate your marketing savvy by spending 20 minutes taking a 20-question audit. It will help you:

- discover your true marketing potential,
- stimulate your thinking, and
- give you direction to make profitable changes.

Warning: Proceed with caution.

Take this next step only if you are an open minded, out-of-the-box kind of person, have the willingness to test something new, and desire to see your business bring in higher revenues and profits.

If you aren't, you are wasting your time . . . and ours.

Take the first step to 20/20 marketing vision

Here's how the process works for you. You request the marketing audit. Once you get it and answer the questions, the process can stop right there. It's your choice. Others have told us that just taking the test started them on their way to 20/20 marketing vision.

Gain Greater Vision With Your 20-Minute
Free Phone Consultation

Or you can decide to return the completed confidential audit to us and request a 20-minute Free phone consultation. We'll invest our time in reviewing your answers so that during our time together we can focus on the areas you've uncovered where you want to improve. Also, we'll concentrate on the points where you have the greatest marketing leverage.

What you will not hear from us during the call is a sales pitch...guaranteed!

If you've gotten enough valuable ideas to propel your business forward without us, that's great! If you would like to talk about working together, we will be happy to do that. After our conversation, the choice is yours.

Receive Your Free Business-Building Report

And everyone who talks with us, gets a copy of "How You Can Tap Into Your Full Marketing Potential For Higher Revenues." This concise report for busy consultants will give you tools to maximize results from the marketing dollars you invest.

Here's all you do to get your free marketing audit. Simply ask for it from the request form below.

Thank you and happy marketing!

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