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Ian G. Boyd sent us this heartwarming message about our free ezine:

"I've been on our e-mail newsletter mailing list for some time now ...though not a marketer by training or trade, I found myself as a hopeful startup doing what I love most, 3D photorealistic graphics.

"Most of the automated emails, etc. in my inbox don't even get opened; however, the content of your Marketing Energizer is so damn practical and so damn useable that every one of them has been opened and read (if only skimmed in times of chaos).

"I am now working as a freelancer, and believe me when I say this, you learn hard and fast. If you think you can get away without marketing yourself...ha ha ha ha.

"Keep your free ezine coming... it's no bullshit approach is useful, applicable and refreshing. Thank you."

Ian G. Boyd
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If you'd like to sample the value you will receive from the free ezine, "Marketing Energizer For Independent Service Professionals," look at this article from our marketing newsletter:

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