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How You Can Uncover
Your Leading Prospects
Through Marketing Research . . .

And Pre-Sell Them At The Same Time

You may think marketing research is only for giant companies with mammoth budgets.

Think again.

Do you have a new product or service in search of a market...

Many business people fall head over heels in love with their latest idea for a new product or service.

They may be able to point to a number of different market segments they are convinced will buy it. And they may feel assured of attracting a crowd of clamoring customers.

Heroic confidence like that sometimes drives otherwise savvy individuals or companies to spend untold hours and their precious money on

- creating a new product,
- engaging in the trials of beta testing, and
- refining their product

only to be stymied by the realities of the marketplace.

Or is your current marketing letting you down and you're unsure why?

Your frustrated. You feel as if you "don't know what people want anymore."

You'd like answers to help you turn this troubling situation around.

What Do You Do Next?

You can make assumptions and then try one tactic after another to market your product or service -- hoping one will strike gold.

Or you can take a different tack...

The Strategic Marketing Research
And Pre-Sales Process
Can Help You By:

      • confirming whether a market does (or doesn't) exist,
      • uncovering your best target markets,
      • pre-selling some of these prospects on your product or service,
      • gaining critical understanding of your prospects' problems, and
      • acquiring the indispensable ingredients for a profitable marketing strategy.

Three Situations Where Market
Confirmation Through Market
Research Is Valuable:

1. Get Critical Information After Developing Your Product Or Service But Before Investing More Time And Money in a futile search for a receptive market . . .

As you go through this marketing research process, you can uncover exactly who your leading prospects are.

Here's an example...

One of our clients developed a complete state-of-the-art system for college students to help them find a job through their school's placement department. And the first installation was already up and running at a large university with our client providing technical support to a satisfied client.

We surveyed the market for him and learned which schools were interested in the product. In this case it included MBA schools in prestigious universities such as Harvard, Penn, and others.

Pre-Selling Adds Another Dimension
To Marketing Research . . .

Just from the marketing research process our client was able to make appointments at six key schools to demonstrate his system.

2. Discover What Your Prospects Need And Want Before Creating Your Product Or Service

Market research early in the process uncovers market realities before you spend thousands, tens of thousands, or more on development.

You may find out whether or not there is interest.

You can gauge how much interest.

Or you may learn about a serious flaw or one that is fatal.

It could be that your company is too new or too small for people to have confidence in over the long term. Possibly, people just don't want to do it your way. Perhaps, they don't want the hassle of making changes in a process that's OK for them.

You may be able to address these issues right away to create a better product or service. And you've eliminated the futile, disheartening, and wasteful task of trying to force something on a closed-minded market.

3. Gain Critical Marketing Intelligence About The Nagging Problems And Day-To-Day Frustrations Your Prospects Face

By asking the right questions, you can get answers that put compelling benefits, riveting details, and attention-grabbing headlines into all your marketing communications.

You can also find out how your prospects want to hear from you. By e-mail? by fax? by FedEx?

Just what do you have to do to ensure that your message gets through?

You won't know unless you take the critical step of finding out.

Invest Your Resources Wisely
By Testing The Market First

You can try out your ideas and assumptions with market research before going full bore into developing a new product or service.

Or if you already have one, you can avoid squandering any more of your hard-to-come-by resources by identifying your leading prospects.

And, yes, with marketing research you gain critical assurance that your message is the right one...the one that speaks to your prospects' issues, concerns, hopes, and desires.

Stop risking your valuable time, effort, and money. Instead, get on a fast track to rev up your revenues.

If you would like more information about affordable marketing research that pre-sells, please call Bob Hanson at 215-753-2620, send e-mail to Bob at, or fill out the market research request form below.

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