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"From Frustration To Fun:
How Can You Transform
Your Marketing Into That
Three Letter Word...FUN?"

Adapted from Bob and Shirley Hanson's
"Marketing Energizer Ezine For Consultants"
(copyright 2002)

Marketing may be a four-letter word for you . . .

You're great at what you do, but you just haven't had much training in marketing.

Or you're stretched to the limit doing your work and managing the details of your business. It's really hard juggling everything else and finding time for marketing.

Or you believe you aren't a "salesperson." You're "not a Rotary or Chamber of Commerce type."

Imagine A Marketing Continuum.

On one end is "Marketing is a Four-Letter word" and on the other end is "Marketing is Fun." No matter where you now see yourself on this Marketing Continuum, we wrote this article to edge you closer to "Fun."

So How Do Marketing Breakthroughs Happen?

And that one question leads to two more...

Are we seeing just one piece in the entire system?


Are we focusing on the critical issues
that can really make a difference?

As we see it, that's where you can really be strategic...use the limited time you have to do the vital marketing tasks that can make an immense difference.

"That's the problem," you may protest. Out of the chaos of choices out there, how can I zero in on the best ideas? I don't know where to start.

Three Vital Pieces To The Marketing Puzzle

This article reveals our thoughts. So far, we've come up with three critical pieces to help you gain your desired results.

I. YOU (the marketer)



Notice, we don't dive right in with a glitzy marketing tool billed as the absolute best solution to all your concerns.

First, there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marketing tool.

Second, it's impossible to extract the marketer from his or her market and marketing.

It's a whole lot easier to catch a marketing idea already packaged for you and run with it. Seven nicely arranged steps and all you have to do is to connect the dots from points 1 through 7.

No way around it, though. Even with seven steps handed to you on a silver platter it's unlikely anything will change unless...

YOU are key, you are the rock-bottom, essential, can't-do-without ingredient. You're IT -- the energy for any and every marketing breakthrough.

It comes down to this:

If you are not happy with your marketing, or if you would like to do better, look within yourself for change.

"The mind is the most powerful device for change that
exists. We can change our ‘luck' or our financial
situation by altering our thoughts and our feelings."

That doesn't come from a way-out-there, self-help guru, but successful businessman and television producer Robert Roskind in his illuminating book "The Spirit of Business."

How You Can Be
The Power Marketer You Want To Be

Arresting ideas can strike when you least expect them.

That happened to us in the hotel elevator during a high-powered web marketing workshop we attended in September. We were given a promising, productive path to the YOU part of the marketing system.

There we made a point to talk with Darryl Rutherford, author of the book "Being Is the Solution."

Skeptical, we challenged him, "What about our limiting beliefs? What about all the stuff that's holding us back?"

He smiled and pointed to the words on his business card, "Being Is the Solution." We remained dubious. But as we prepared a talk about the "4 C's of Marketing," we remembered his words.

The 4 C's are:

1. Change

2. Commitment

3. Consistency

4. Connection

We thought about the barriers we place in front of ourselves
and how to deal with them, especially the "negatives" many
consultants hold around marketing. We began to play with
the notion of "being." Suppose I already am each of the 4
C's . . .

1. I am willing to CHANGE.

Suppose we stop feeling frustrated, anxious, or reluctant
about marketing? Let's transform ourselves and assume, "I
am a successful marketer."

What qualities would I see and feel?

For starters,

>>> I am open to new ideas.

When I catch myself saying something like, "I've tried direct mail, and it doesn't work." Or "Trade shows are a waste of time for consultants. People are just looking for freebies."

I ask instead:

  • How well did I carry out every part of this marketing
  • Did I fully take advantage of this technique or this
  • Where could I improve? What can I do to make a
    difference next time?
  • Take trade shows, as an example. You are wasting most of your time and money if all you do is design an eye-catching booth and show up.

    Trade shows can work for you, though,

    if you . . .

    - Carefully initiate and execute a pre-show strategy to attract the right people to your booth,

    - Implement an effective in-show sales strategy tailored for the various types of prospects who talk with you, and

    - Act on a considered follow-up strategy that leads your contacts through your sales process.

    Another stumbling block is to dismiss an idea from outside my field by saying, "That's OK for them, but it would not work for me,"

    Thomas Edison adds this thought:

    "Make it a point to keep on the lookout for novel and
    interesting ideas that others have used successfully. Your
    idea has to be original only in its adaptation to the
    problem you are currently working on."

    How You Can Adapt New Ideas
    To Your Unique Business

    OK, I am a successful marketer, open to fresh ideas. How
    would I act?

  • I'd find out about the ins and outs of this "interesting" marketing idea
  • I'd ask, "How can I adapt it for my special situation?"
  • Let's take an example from far, far, far afield -- real estate.

    At the web marketing workshop we met real estate entrepreneur Jackie Lange, who can handle up to 8 opportunities a month -- each worth $20,000 to $25,000 to her.

    Of course, this wasn't her level of business when she first started, but she attended workshops to gain fresh marketing ideas. From each training, she took one idea or two and shrewdly adapted them for her special business.

    A Striking, Profitable Marketing Shift

    Jackie formerly saw herself as someone who buys houses to resell. At one workshop she learned about crafting a dramatic statement to capture her prospects' attention (her unique selling proposition).

    Doing that one thing transformed her business.

    Her business card now reads in part:

    Will Guarantee!
    No Commission or Fees - No closing Costs - No Equity OK - No Repairs - No Hassles
    Don't wait 3 months, 6 months... Or LONGER To Sell Your House"

    As an open-minded marketer, you could adapt her idea. You could generate your own dramatic, differentiating statement to bring your business to life in the eyes of your prospects.

    See how she loads her message with the right benefits, the ones her prospects really care about.

    Notice what a difference being specific makes in her promise of a sale in "9 days guaranteed."

    Jackie Lange spoke about one more powerful technique she uses to convert prospects to clients. She is already a success. Before she buys the house, she vividly pictures herself already selling that house.

    What else?

    >>> As a successful marketer I practice direct marketing.

    You'll get our in-a-nutshell version of direct marketing here. Direct marketing is more than branding; it goes the extra mile beyond "getting my name out there."

    There's nothing wrong with actively promoting your business to gain visibility. The problem with branding, in our opinion, is that it stops too soon. It doesn't ask for a response.

    In contrast, as a direct marketer I take care of five things:

    1. Start with the right people,
    2. Craft the right message,
    3. Call on the right medium,
    4. Act at the right time, to
    5. Gain the right (your desired) response.

    Its focus is to ask for and attract a measurable response. Make sure you don't sell your marketing short. Always, make your strongest case to prompt your desired response.

    Next? Of course there's more . . .

    We'll talk about the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th C's of marketing in a future article.

    2. I am COMMITTED to marketing and invest my resources strategically.

    3. I am CONSISTENT in my marketing so that it's
    ongoing, unending, and unrelenting.

    4. I am CONNECTED to my prospects and clients with an emotional link.

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