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Recently, we wrote about getting past the most ferocious gatekeeper (even "White Fang") with the technique of a "lumpy package," a marketing tool touted by the editor of "Target Marketing" magazine, Dennis Hatch.

"A lumpy package gives it the appearance of value," Hatch said.

From subscriber Barbara Bix's own zine "Health Care Marketing Matters" comes this successful example of what she calls "dimensional mailing" (a.k.a. a "lumpy package").

One of her clients sent direct mail to doctors whose gatekeepers are among the toughest. They are charged with ruthlessly discarding everything that looks like "junk mail."

Her client's mailings, though, sailed right through because:

1. They made sure they had a highly targeted list of names with up-to-date addresses.

2. They created a handsome "dimensional" mailing in a distinctive oversized white envelope. Inside was an elegant red and white folder that included a valuable audiotape on a issue critical to the target market along with a useful booklet of tips.

"Because of the bulk," Bix said, "it was hard to resist opening the envelope."

3. And they relied on a copywriter experienced in generating messages that appealed to their specific market.

Another significant ingredient in this approach, Bix noted, was offering the recipients multiple ordering methods and multiple ways to receive the material. "They could have it their way," she said.

The result?

A huge jump in orders every time the company mailed the "lumpy package." With this direct mail approach, orders increased 20 percent.

As Bix summed it up in a phone call, "They did everything right: the list, packaging, and the offer."

For those of you with direct mailings that falter, stumble, and fizzle, improving the packaging -- or the list or the offer -- may dramatically turn around your results.

You'll find more marketing tools so that you don't waste another dime on poor results...

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