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About The Hanson Marketing Group

"Each Principal Has Different Skills
And They Work Closely Together
To Get Serious Results For Their Clients"

Peter Meyer, The Meyer Group
Scotts Valley, CA

Take The Hassle Out Of
Marketing Your Practice. . .

We invite you to ease the burden of figuring out what to do and then scrambling to find hours in your fast-paced schedule to do it.

You can, once and for all, stop the "pursuit" tactics that don't work. Attract your best prospects online or offline with marketing strategies that get "serious results." Simply, gain the control over your marketing that you've always wanted.

Call on Shirley to help you tackle tough marketing problems such as to:

  • get more qualified leads into your pipeline,
  • rev up your revenues by positioning yourself in a Category of One,
  • multiply your referrals,
  • compel prospects to respond with forceful sales letters, brochures, and newsletters, or
  • quickly see a payoff from your Web site with our web marketing strategies.

Who Are The Principals
At Hanson Marketing?

In 1991 Bob and Shirley Hanson formed the Hanson Marketing Group. With Bob's death in 2006 Shirley continues to pour energy into enhancing the "attract" marketing strategies Hanson Marketing provides for each unique business situation.

"My business has taken a quantum leap in only 8 months of working with Hanson Marketing.

"What they have shown me will easily save me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years."

Baron Baptiste
Peak Performance Coach
Bel Air, Los Angeles, CA

Shirley Hanson is The Expert in helping professionals stand out as "The Expert" in their own field. She specializes in lead generation for independent professionals including attorneys, financial advisors, physicians, and other health-care practitioners.

"“Working with Shirley Hanson, I now have the key to effectively market my practice. Within a few weeks, I opened the door for a strategic alliance with one of Hawaii’s
most prestigious law firms.

“At last, with Shirley’s help I am turning my marketing losers into winners!”

Steve Nakao
Net Hawaii, Inc.

As an e-traffic specialist, she enjoys devising Web marketing strategies that grab attention amidst the swelling sea of web sites

In her spare time she uses her marketing skills to increase memberships, organize capital campaigns, and raise money for non-profit organizations. (Ask her about her million-to-one-odds-against-success effort to save a doomed historic building.)

Shirley's greatest rewards come from helping you and your business achieve your desired marketing breakthroughs, raise your revenues, relax, and enjoy more freedom and independence. She loves to watch her clients become excited about marketing.

If you feel you're spinning your wheels, call 215-753-2620 now to get on the fast track to attracting more clients and customers.

Or you can contact Shirley by e-mail.

Hanson Marketing Group, Inc.
8011 Navajo Street, Philadelphia, PA 19118
Phone: 215-753-2620
Fax: 215-753-9223

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