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  direct marketing customized for consultants and other independent professionals

Stop Throwing Money At Worthless Marketing

Discover Direct Marketing
Without The Hassle

Direct marketing hands you unique opportunities to build your business . . .

Whether you are an established independent professional, an eager upstart, or a multi-national corporation like Cisco Systems, Mentor Graphics, or Siemens Business Communications.

Do You Want To Know Ahead Of Time
That A Marketing Strategy Or New Product Or Service Will Gain Your Desired Results?

Bob Hanson specializes in the Absolute, Best Way to ensure that your direct marketing strategies and ideas succeed. It can make or break your future -- determine whether you celebrate a banner year or face a bleak outcome. You can:

  • uncover the best markets for your products or services,
  • discover your prospects' frustrations and the problems that nag at their peace of mind and won't let go, and
  • Pre-sell your products or services.

Simply, better research produces better direct marketing results.

Find out more about Bob's unique, unconventional, and fast approach to Gathering Marketing Intelligence. . .

Create a "Smart Marketing Plan"

A Smart Marketing Plan builds on your personal qualities, concentrates first and foremost on your best prospects, and produces an action guide that delivers your desired outcome. You can leave the status quo behind and advance to a system that multiplies leads and improves your cash flow. . .

Contact Us About How You Can Possess A Predictable System For Generating More Highly Qualified Leads

Make The Move To A More Productive Web Site

Are you working for your web site? Or is it working for you?

Your site can contribute to your cash flow...positively. Here are two different approaches you can take advantage of:

1. Turn around your ailing web site with a web review that gives you the answers...

"We were used to proceeding down our own path so the fresh and professional approach you brought to the analysis of our site was helpful. We were able to focus our marketing approach using your input.

Most of all, when redesigning our site, we were able to eliminate many of the plans we had considered. This saved us considerable time and effort."

Cynthia Orr, President
GPSC Charters, Ltd.

Discover more about how you can revitalize a faltering Web site...

2. Boost web results the busy consultant's way...

Capitalize on breakthrough direct marketing web techniques and dramatically outperform your competitors.

Hand over all the nitty-gritty, time-consuming, frustrating details to Bob and Shirley. Let them put together a winning new site for you or energize your existing site.

"I turned to Bob and Shirley Hanson to help me get my message out through the Web.

"Because of their expertise with search engines the Hansons got my site to a number one listing in Lycos and top ten ranking in five of the 7 leading search engines."

Dr. Barry R. Gillespie
Devon, PA

Call on Bob and Shirley to generate a surge of prospects to your business

Don't Risk Another Dollar On Direct Marketing Pieces That Fizzle...

Put an end to poor results. Get more powerful brochures, sales letters, and web pages that motivate your prospects to act.

"As a marketing consultant and copywriter myself, I like to think I recognize outstanding work when I see it...and I have been consistently impressed with everything your firm puts out."

Ernest Nicastro
President, Positive Response
Seattle, Washington

Contact Bob and Shirley to pack more selling power into your direct marketing brochures, ads, and sales letters

Hanson Marketing Group, Inc.
Certified Professional Consultant to Management
8011 Navajo Street, Philadelphia, PA 19118
Phone: 215-753-2620 Fax: 215-753-9223

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