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Marketing Ideas,
Techniques, And Strategies
Plus A Smart Marketing Plan

Rewarding marketing ideas for consultants, coaches,
trainers, financial advisors, and other service professionals

Chances are, you're in business for yourself because you want to bring your unique service to your clients and, ultimately, to answer only to yourself.

That's why we believe the marketing tools, systems, and services we bring to you should meet these qualifications: They must be practical, proven, and customized for your special situation.

Home -- Your starting place for resounding results from marketing ideas...both online and offline...tailored for you.

Marketing Reports
For Savvy Marketing Tips

Referrals Galore

Brochures Made Easy

For a NEW Free report about how to write a business brochure that really works go to our new website . . .

Prevent 5 Costly Marketing Blunders

How To Write A Marketing Plan That's Smart
Capitalize on 5 characteristics found in the best marketing plans.

Marketing Ideas For Independent Professionals
"Easy As 1-2-3 Client-Attraction System" to turn up your marketing volume

Tap into your own marketing experts and take control automatically with a smart marketing plan and effective system...

Free ezine with marketing ideas and offline and up-to-the-minute Web marketing techniques that put you in the driver's seat.

Free monthly ezine "Marketing Energizer For Consultants And Other Independent Professionals"...

Web Site Marketing

Announcing Shirley Hanson's New Ebook

Stop sabotaging the success of your website. Laser in on insiders' shortcuts from 7 world-class web marketing masters for a winning website faster and with lesser effort.

Whether you want to jump-start a brand-new site or unlock more cash from an existing site. Discover how to multiply your cash flow from your website...

Web Site Promotion Services

Attracting the right visitors to your site is only half the story. Here's where you can find out about the rest.

Zero in on all the essential ingredients for an effective web site...

Web Site Review Wizardry

With the typical site evaluations you get a list of technical things and usability issues to improve. They don't look at the full picture.

This review with 177 checkpoints adds the marketing slant...

Get the A to Z steps to your most wanted response...

Direct Marketing Assistance

Direct marketing custom-made for consultants

Discover profitable opportunities to build your business with these services...

Especially for technology marketers

5 technology marketing traps to avoid...

Free marketing audit

Unique Marketing Research

Uncover your leading prospects through marketing research and pre-sell them at the same time

Marketing Articles
For A Wealth Of Marketing Ideas

"How to Pick The Clients You Want To Work With And Make More Money."

"Marketing Autopilot To Attract Prospects Now And When You Don't Have Time To Market"

"Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Marketing Communications And How To Prevent Them For More Clients And Revenues"

"How Direct Mail Can Work For Consultants: An Approach That Increased Orders By 20 Percent"

"From Frustration To Fun: How Can You Transform Your Marketing Into That Three Letter Word...FUN?"

"Intuition For Peak Performance: Five Practical Steps You Can Take Now" -- an interview with Jeannette Samanem

"7 Ways To Create Loyal (And Responsive) Subscribers" -- by Paul Myers

"Bursting With Free Resources And Marketing Tools For Independent Professionals"

"For Independent Professionals, Fun With Lead Generation"
"Laugh Your Way To More Clients"

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