"I just sent out my new website to my mailing list and have been receiving wonderful feedback.

"As you know, the work I do can be hard to describe due to it's esoteric, experiential nature.

" I never thought someone in the business world could understand what I wanted to express and help me express my work into the written word so beautifully until I met you.

"You listened patiently and guided and prompted me to express my work clearly. You helped me develop a website that is attractive to prospective clients as well as search engines.

"This response I received about my website sums it up:

'Rebecca, It is GREAT! Very well organized and you did an amazing job at describing the "indescribable" energy work that you do. You're descriptions take the "esoteric" out of it all. I am very impressed!'

"I just wanted to thank you, Shirley, for your expertise and skill in making this website possible.

Rebecca Debus

Our Guarantee
To You


What Is Missing
From Your Web Site?

How effectively does your web site:

Unlock a steady flow of qualified leads?

Shepherd your prospects closer to "yes!"

Promote your services through a tireless 24-hour system?

Like many independent professionals, you may have put up your site with the wild hope that it would deliver clients and boost your cash flow . . .

Only to be deflated by the reality of scant results.

Possibly, you turned everything over to a web designer who was technically talented but far from being an expert in web marketing.

Or, maybe, you succeeded in luring some visitors to your web site, but few handed you your expected response.

It's clear that attracting visitors is only half the story…

Your web site won't put money on the table unless it accomplishes three additional tasks:

  • sets you apart as "the only game in town,"
  • builds trust, and
  • delivers your desired response.

And all of that takes plain old marketing know-how.

So the solution comes down to this: Marry search engine and web marketing with direct response marketing mastery.

How You Can Get It
All Done For You

For the independent professional who wants to turn it all over to the experts (for your current underachieving site or one that is brand new) we can help you achieve a site that "gets it right" at once:

  • To attract the right visitors,
  • To convey the right message, and
  • To get the right response

You can rely on us to progress from strategy through action to pump qualified prospects into your professional practice.

"Simply, the result was good qualified leads. We have two firms working with us already and a third, a pharmaceutical company, is actively preparing to work with us."

Linda Duguay, Leewood Associates
Honey Brook, PA

Call us at 215-753-2620 or contact us through our WebSite Promotion Services Request

For a winning web site faster and with less effort,

Shirley and Bob Hanson

P.S. One More Thing: Of course, you get our Put-The-Risk-Squarely-On-Our-Shoulders Guarantee

Our satisfaction guarantee has no fine print. If you are not satisfied with our work at any time, we will ask for an opportunity to improve the situation to your satisfaction. If we don't meet your expectations, you are under no further obligation.

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