"You gave me more than I expected. Not only do you understand the technical aspects of a Web site, but you have such a good
handle on marketing.

"You bring to the table what other web designers don't so that we'll get more than just a great-looking site. We'll be able to attract people to visit our site."

Marketing Director
UltraFlex Systems

Our Guarantee
To You


How To Turn Your Underachieving Site
Into A Winner . . .

Unlock The Results You Want With
Your "Custom Web Site Analysis
And Action Guide Wizardry"

Your web site looks good, yet it lets you down when it comes to producing prospects and clients.

You know there must be a way to attract more qualified visitors without spending months cracking the code of search engine optimization.

But It's Not Easy To Keep Up

The web world changes at a dizzying pace. The one certainty is that the 5 million web pages coming online every day make it more and more competitive.

Suppose you could call on a coach to zoom in on the practical, proven tools and cutting-edge techniques that can transform your site into a productive marketing machine.

Imagine that your expert guide helps you laser in on the five elements critical for web site success:

1 - Being Found amidst the more than billions of web pages elbowing for attention on the search engines (more than 4 billion on Google alone),

2 - Persuading visitors to stay at your site once you get them there so that they don't vanish after 5 seconds,

3 - Breaking Free from the thousands of competing sites out there,

4 - Dispelling rampant Web skepticism by capitalizing on the right words, and

5 - Turning a run-of-the-mill site into a top-producing marketing tool.

With the typical site evaluations you get a list of technical things and usability issues to improve. They don't look at the full picture and add the marketing slant that's required to get your Most Wanted Response.

You need a direct marketing pro -- someone who knows how to captivate your visitors and prompt them to take the next step -- to be sure that all five vital elements are in place.

Sure, it's important to grasp the technology of bringing in more traffic.

Consider this, though, you can bring carloads of visitors to your site through higher search-engine ranking, but if you don't lock them in immediately with the right message, they'll disappear. And you lose.

What you say is as critical as how well your site works.

We also let our copywriting and direct marketing skills loose on your site. That's the clincher you need to sell more of your products or services.

For both the right message and the right search engine marketing techniques to attract more prospects, click here...

Taking Care Of The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that our "Custom Web Site Analysis With Action Guide Wizardry" puts your site through a comprehensive diagnosis so that you don't risk another dime on an ineffective site. You will be able to:

- Woo your visitors with the right words,

- Dispel epidemic mistrust on the web and create that critical believability so that people trust you enough to do business with you,

- Do away with those navigation glitches that prompt your visitors to click away to a competitor's site without giving you a second chance,

- Compensate for the "pain" of reading from a computer screen so your visitors stay and read your message,

- Take advantage of the reasons people are on the web and give them what they want,

- Combat the strongholds your competitors gained on the web (Yes, we check out your competitors.),

- Set your business apart so that your site visitors are sold on you right away,

- Answer the single most critical question your visitors bring to your site, and

- Prompt prospects to give you the responses you truly want by gaining greater selling power.

For every minute you wait, you're putting off experiencing the power of an energized web site. To eliminate the stuff that isn't helping and get started right now to boost results, click here...

And, also, the "Custom Web Site Analysis And Action Guide Wizardry" can help you to:

  • Avoid disappointment by getting on top of the bewildering changes in the search engines and directories to attract more visitors to your site,
  • Take advantage of inventive new web marketing techniques that continually appear, and
  • Stop your best prospects in their tracks by leveraging your key words through a powerful search engine marketing strategy.

In short, you get a different kind of Web Site Analysis that's custom-tailored and many-sided . . . along with personal coaching.

Is Your Marketing Problem Like This?

The Marketing Director for Ultraflex Systems, faced an underperforming Web site. It failed to attract the decision makers who could make a difference to their business.

When they were ready to launch a new program, they wanted to bring key target audiences to their Web site.

But the project seemed overwhelming.

She has this to say about "Web Site Analysis And Action Guide Wizardry:"

"I didn't know how to get from point A to point B. I just didn't know where to dive in first."

"Your organizational ability was extremely helpful," she said. "What was most valuable was that you had the big picture in mind. You broke it down into 10 key points so that it became a manageable project.

"You gave me more than I expected. Not only do you understand the technical aspects of a Web site, but you have such a good handle on marketing."

Isn't this a result you'd like to have, too?

To begin right away to gain more control over your web site and take advantage of a site that actually contributes to your cash flow, click here...

How To Take Advantage
Of Our Proprietary 5-part System:

Step 1. Get answers to key questions in your Pre-Analysis Personal Audit -

With your answers we can design the Web Site analysis specifically for you so that you can get exactly what you want from your site.

Step 2. Zero in fast on the most rewarding areas to boost your results -

We put minimal demands on your time.

Yet you can benefit from the 177 Critical Checkpoints in 21 categories we measure your site against.

Step 3. Discover at least 10 Revenue-Producing Steps to capitalize on -

We want to be absolutely sure your site contributes positively to your resources instead of draining your time or cash. That's why we spell out exactly where you have the greatest opportunities for improved results.

Step 4. Create for you an easy-to-follow Action Guide with unrelentingly practical techniques and tips -

You get all the useful tools you need to maximize the outcome from your web site. We go way beyond just handing out a list. You get specific techniques so that you won't ever scratch your head over how to move forward.

And, unlike other web site reviews, we don't stop there. What happens next is extremely important to help you take charge of your underachieving site.

Step 5. Coach you personally in a one-hour phone call

Your personal guide ensures that you have everything in place for a web site that produces results and adds to your resources. You easily sail past uncertainty, hesitation, and the other barriers that may be stopping you to gain every chance for success.

Step-by-step, the "Web Site Analysis and Action Guide Wizardry" is there to assist in this successful effort.

Bypass obstacles that may be standing in your way to a more effective web site by clicking here...

What Do Others Say
About The Web Site Analysis Wizardry?

"I was indeed surprised to find you'd done such a thorough job in the critique of my web site. I appreciate your sharing with me your most insightful recommendations. Already I have moved forward in the directions you recommended.

I particularly appreciate your suggestions regarding restructuring the site and your suggestions on a more effective application of META tags."

Joan Marie Moss
Business Development Consultant

"I appreciate the time you spent reviewing www.hypnosis.org and the effective manner in which you convey your suggestions for improvement.

"The key point about your advice is that you couch it in such a way that the criticized recipient is likely to heed what you have to say."

Dr. Bryan Knight
Author, "Health and Happiness with Hypnosis."

"Most of all, when redesigning our site, we were able to eliminate many of the plans we had considered. This saved us considerable time and effort."

Cynthia Orr, President
GPSC Charters, Ltd.

Simply, Here Are Four Great Reasons
To Put Your Site Through The "Custom
Web Site Analysis" And Get
"Action Guide Wizardry"

1. It's "engineered" to fix the particular problems of your site,

2. It's fast, easy, and affordable!

3. It's custom tailored to you, your business, your site, and your prospects, and

4. You'll lock in results because you get the "Wizard's" guidance every step of the way including one hour of personal coaching.

What's more, it's guaranteed.

Our satisfaction guarantee has no fine print. If you are not satisfied with our work at any time, we will ask for an opportunity to improve the situation to your satisfaction. If we don't meet your expectations, you don't pay.

We've shown you that the "Web Site Analysis And Action Guide Wizardry" is as risk-free as an offer can be because all risk is lifted from your shoulders and placed squarely on ours.

Click here for everything you need for a site that works for you...

You can stop settling for less than what you should be making from your web site. Together, let's energize your web site -- to attract the right people and prompt them to give you your desired responses -- quickly and easily.

All that is left is for you to take action.

Yours for a winning web site,

Shirley Hanson

P.S. Like many others, you may have this dream for your web site: You make a one-time investment of your time and hard-earned dollars, and it returns results automatically while you sleep.

The Custom Analysis plus the "Action Guide Wizardry" can help you turn this dream into real-life success.

Please click here now to get started with your "Custom Web Site Analysis And Action Guide Wizardry"...

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