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How To Write A Marketing Plan
That's Smart

To write a marketing plan that's right for your professional practice means being savvy and strategic.

And being strategic means to create a marketing plan that helps you grow without the "growing pains" of unpredictable, haphazard, and random marketing.

The Five Characteristics The Best
Marketing Plans Have In Common

To write a marketing plan that won't let you down, be certain you:

1. Capitalize on...

  • your resources and assets,
  • your clients' and desired prospects' problems, frustrations, and desires, and
  • your differentiation from everyone else in your field, whether you are a consultant, a coach, a trainer, a financial advisor, a real estate professional, or an independent service provider in another field.

2. Put the right tools in place to allay your prospects' uncertainty, doubt, and mistrust.

3. Call on a simple system to test small before investing big bucks when you write a marketing plan so that you'll avoid making a major marketing mistake...ever.

4. Produce an effective action guide that leads you day by day and week by week through the actions that get your desired outcomes. You won't squander your time on busy work, deadends, and non-productive detours.

5. Write a marketing plan that leads to specific, measurable, improvable results. You won't waste your resources on vague promises or ill-defined outcomes. You'll know the exact results you are achieving and where you can improve.

7 Simple Steps To Writing A Marketing Plan
For Your Professional Practice

Marketing Plan Step 1 - State Your Desired Outcome

This is your specific purpose for your plan . . . timed.

Marketing Plan Step 2 - Understand Your Target Market

Identify your ideal prospects and paint a detailed portrait of their needs and desires.

Marketing Plan Step 3 - Place Your Practice In A Category Of One

A vital part of this step is to understand and build on your strengths. Consider that one of your strengths could be a passion for one phase of your work.

Marketing Plan Step 4 - Add Every Ounce Of Proof You Have

Collect testimonials, develop case studies, capitalize on your credentials, mention published articles, don't let appearances on TV go unnoticed, etc.

Marketing Plan Step 5 - Choose Your Marketing Tools

Generate a list of possible marketing methods and select priorities. Steps 1 through 4 will guide you to the marketing tools that will be most profitable for your special professional practice.

Marketing Plan Step 6 - Generate A Marketing Action Guide

This is where you place the nitty-gritty details of exactly how the plan will be accomplished and who will do it.

Marketing Plan Step 7 - Assess Your Results

Track where each prospect came from, note which ones became clients. That's how you measure how well each marketing tool is performing.

What You Gain When You Write
A Marketing Plan That's Smart

After all, marketing plans are only as good as the strategies and marketing ideas you put into them. And to write a marketing plan that's smart and strategic means you will have a reliable guide that takes you straight toward your desired results.

You will be able to:

  • zero in on the right prospects at once,
  • enter a new market profitably,
  • attract qualified leads,
  • gain a competitive edge...consistently, and
  • improve your cash flow.

    To do it yourself use the 7 Steps we've given you. Or you can . . .

Contact us to find out how easy it can be to write a smart marketing plan

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